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Pilanesberg Accommodation
Pilanesberg Accommodation
Pilanesberg Accommodation

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Game Drives, Big Five viewing, Hot Air Ballooning, Walking in the wild safaris, and much much more await your arrival in the Pilanesberg National Park. Accommodation in five star game lodges all inclusive perfect for that romantic getaway, or for the more budget conscious self catering or Bed and breakfast options to suit anyone’s needs.

Pilanesberg is built on one of the largest volcanic complexes of its kind in the world. This lends to the unique topography including rolling grasslands, thickly forested ravines, typical bushveld and also rolling grasslands and lightly wooded areas. In a guided safari in the Pilanesberg National Park, you will meet some impressive large game animals. Get a first overview of the park at a light lunch and then go on an exploration tour with an experienced guide to discover the rich animal and bird world.

Not far from Johannesburg is the Pilanesberg National Park, which has a spectacular landscape as well as an incredible variety of species to offer. Just about all South African wild animals can be found here. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Bushcamp and then head out to explore the 57,000-acre site of the park, whose picturesque landscape was once part of a volcanic crater on lush, fertile plains.

Surround the majestic hills to reach the largest water park in the park. With a little luck, you will meet representatives of the “Big Five” – ​​the five large wild animals of Africa (elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, leopards and African buffaloes). Many other wild animals, such as African wild dogs, cheetahs, giraffes and rare birds, are also found in the water.

Benefit from the knowledge of an experienced nature guide, which tells you exciting anecdotes and interesting backgrounds. On the other hand, there are also some great photo opportunities with wild animals in front of a beautiful landscape in the background.

The Pilanesberg National Park, as shown in the adjacent map, has a circular shape since it is located in a former volcano crater.

Pilanesberg Accommodation

So if you are looking at experiencing the big five your main decision will only be on whether to view them from the comfort of an open safari vehicle, up in the air in a hot air balloon or getting up close and personal in a walking bush safari.

Regardless of your choice, expect to encounter Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, perhaps even the now endangered Rhino or the rarely seen species of wild dog and the elusive leopard and cheetah. Getting up close to nature on a guided game walk will allow you to become intimate with the fauna and flora often overlooked by game viewing at a faster pace.

All options are a photographers dream come true, and for those wishing to experience a true African experience we invite you to try a Hot Air Balloon – complete tranquility where the only sound you will hear is your own heart beating with exhilaration.

Until the middle of the seventies, agriculture was still cultivated in today’s park. When the government of Bophuthatswana decided to create a national park to protect the animals, to create jobs and, of course, as a tourist attraction, the Pilanesberg area was quickly reached, as the volcano crater formed a natural border to the densely populated environment. The government bought the land, resettled the farmers, and set up a game fence.

A social project for the locals, who then only found a job in mining, on the farms or in neighboring South Africa, gradually removed the traces of civilization and created a natural South African mountain and bushland , Today it is hardly conceivable that this area was once intensively farmed. The work of the administration against the population was difficult at first, but the work was worth it and one of the most beautiful national parks (the third largest South Africa).

Wild animals were no longer available here, and so more than 6,000 wild animals, which are typical in the region, were successfully rescued from other national parks. In the meantime, you can observe more than 8,500 animals such as elephants, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, 19 different antelope species, cheetahs, lions, leopards and much more.

Today, most visitors come from the Johannesburg, which is located directly on the edge of the park. From there, several hours of organized safaris are offered by the Bush, but you can also get into the park quickly via Bakubung Gate.

Balon rides are an interesting change. A special attraction is a hot air balloon ride over the Pilanesberg and Sun City, which are offered at the Manyane Main Camp.

Pilanesberg Accommodation

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